Our vision is the vision of Osho. We don't have any vision of our own. His vision is the vision of the sky – seeing things from all angles and all directions. It is as vast as the universe and its depth is as deep as the depth of the universe. It is one man's vision for the humanity; it is one man's diagnoses of the psychological and social sicknesses that divide human beings, within and without, into warring factions. His vision provide the sure treatement of such sicknesses. According to this vision man as such is psychologically sick and the people who dominate this world want people to remain as they are, retarded and unintelligent because retarted and unintelligent men can be exploited easily.

Our sole motive is to make available to people the most revolutionary fragments of this vision. What Osho has spoken is the perennial truth. It hits hard on the prejudices of masses which hurts them. To most of the people it will taste bitter. Truth tastes bitter, not because it is the nature of it. Truth is said to be one of the sweetest and non-violent things in the universe. It tastes bitter and hurts because man as such has become habitual of lies. He is born in lies, lives in lies and dies in lies. So when something is offered which is against man's already developed taste, it tastes him bitter. But the fact is -- Truth in the beginning tastes bitter but in the end it proves the sweetest.

The ideas of Osho are profound and straightforward. He has spoken perhaps on all subjects on earth which concern man and his living environment. These, if applied in life can completely transform the man and his socio-economic atmosphere. He is the first enlightened master after Socrates who could speak fearlessly what is true and what is false. History shows that all men of truth have been exposing the vested interests who have been exploiting the humanity. They have , therefore, been harrassed, persecuted, poisoned and killed. They treated Osho also in the same way.

His vision for the world is contained in more than six hundred books translated into many languages. The completge and authentic information about Osho and His vision can be obtained from .