" …The rape of a woman is certainly ugly. But who is responsible for it? The society, the culture, the religion – they have been trying to keep men and women apart. Your biology knows nothing of it, and when you see a beautiful woman on a dark night, alone, your biology takes over your so-called morality and religion."

"But then too, it is not certain that raping the woman is certainly bad. Perhaps she was also waiting for it. Perhaps she was getting frustrated that nobody is raping her. There is a deep desire in every woman to be longed for, and the more drastically you long for her the more satisfied she feels. And rape is the ultimate in longing for a woman. You are ready to commit a crime just to have her. You may be imprisoned for years in a jail, you don't care."

"In most of the cases man and the woman are both brought up by the same idiotic society. They have told the woman to remain away from men, they have given her a certain psychology to avoid men. Even if somebody is attractive to her, she has to say no."

"But you cannot decide these things superficially. All psychologists agree that a woman is raped because deep down she desires it. It gives her a great ego, that she is so beautiful, so lovable, that people are ready even to commit suicide – there are countries where for rape you will be sentenced for your whole life or you may be crucified; still the man wanted her. There is a great satisfaction – he risked his whole life!"

"So don't take things superficially. But an unaware man is bound to take things superficially. My emphasis is not to determine which act is wrong and which act is right. In one situation the same act may be wrong; in other situations, right."

"Why should there be rapes? I do not understand, because there are as many women as there are men, equal in numbers. Why should there be rapes?"

"And while you are raping a woman against her will, it cannot be a joyful experience. It is more like a fight, it is not like love. But people are doing that for the simple reason that the society has completely destroyed any possibility for them to have any love relationship. And society can keep you in such darkness that it is unbelievable."

"In the Middle Ages it was thought that the queen of England did not have her legs separate, they were joined – because the way of dressing was such you could not figure out whether the legs were joined or separate. It was all over England an accepted fact that queens are different and unique. And no queen or king had the guts to say this is nonsense."

"Now nobody will fall into such a stupid belief, because the skirts are becoming smaller and smaller and smaller, and soon they are going to disappear. You can see the legs of the queen, and you will be really shocked that they are separate. They are just like your legs, everybody's legs. But this was not told to people. Joined legs gave queens uniqueness, a speciality: they are royal, you are common people."

"The same is being done in many things, on many levels all around the world. You don't want your children to know that you make love."

"You will be surprised: in India, the father cannot play with his small boy or girl in front of the elders, that is thought to be very unmannerly. No husband can talk to his wife in the day... because in India there are joint families. There are so many people in one family – fifty, sixty – and houses are small and overcrowded."

"The husband and wife sometimes have to wait for years to see each other's faces, because they meet only in the darkness of the night without whispering a word, because all others are sleeping. The house is small and overcrowded; in the same room other people are sleeping."

"In India, for ninety-nine percent of the people, marriage is still just fate; the astrologer decides it. They don't even see the other's photograph, they don't know whom they are going to live their whole life with."

"This kind of state causes many problems. Sexual abuse of children will be there; rapes will be there – because there are women who have not been able to find a husband, perhaps they have lost all hope of finding a husband. There are men who cannot afford to be married, who are somehow managing to survive, but what to do with the biology? They cannot even go to a prostitute, they don't have the money. So rape remains the only possible outlet for their biological instinct."

"Don't be hard on the rapist. And don't be hard on the woman who has been raped. These are problems created by the society. Be hard on it!"


"In my commune it is absolutely impossible that anybody should rape. I receive letters every day from my women sannyasins: "What is happening to the swamis? They don't seem to be interested in us at all. They avoid, they escape, they make an appointment and never turn up. Is there something wrong?"

"There is nothing wrong. This small section of humanity has made love, for the first time, a simple thing. And there is a saturation point. Now a male sannyasin has made love to many women; he feels simply tired. He wants to be left alone, he wants to meditate. Who is going to rape? Impossible!"

"In the outside world, men have been chasing women for thousands of years and it was thought that it is natural. It is not. In my commune, women are chasing men and men are escaping and hiding, finding excuses. This commune has proved your thousands of years were simply managed. It was not true, because man is sexually the weaker person; the woman is very strong sexually."

"That's why for centuries there have been only female prostitutes. Only just now, in very sophisticated areas like London, Tokyo, have there appeared a few male prostitutes. But a male prostitute is finished in one love affair; then the whole night there is no business!"

"The woman can do business the whole night. She can finish many men very easily. Strange, that man was chasing her; it was absolutely against the reality. But man is an egoist – macho. He becomes interested only in things which are difficult, when things are a challenge."

"The woman has understood it from the very beginning – that the man is interested only if she keeps herself far away and becomes a challenge to him, becomes a problem to his ego. But always remember, the woman was very clever: she kept away, but not too far away. Because if you are too far away, the man may lose interest, may start moving in some other direction. She has to be within reach, and yet beyond. It is a delicate territory."

"So the woman has been playing with the man. Sometimes she will come closer and the man will feel, "Now, the moment is coming!" – and she will start moving away. This way man has been chasing woman. Otherwise, if we accept our realities and our nature, the woman will be the chaser and the man will be the chased."

"Just the other day somebody sent me a question. A woman sannyasin asked me, "When I surrender to my man, something happens. I do not find him there, he is somewhere else in his mind." No, man does not like the woman to surrender. You are doing wrong, you are going against the male psychology. He wants to force you to surrender; that gives him great egoistic joy. But you simply surrender...."

"Then remember that the old strategy, which has worked for thousands of years, is still in the psychology of everybody. Remain a challenge, and then the man becomes interested. He is not so much interested in the woman, he is much more interested in the challenge. And you will not find only one swami chasing you, you will find many swamis chasing you – if you create the challenge. That is the whole secret of it."

"But all this stupidity should stop. People should accept the reality, that the man is sexually not so strong as the woman. Although he has been calling her the fair sex, the fact is just the opposite: he is the fair sex. The woman is very strong."

"But once things are accepted in their reality, and when no means no and yes means yes, you have sorted out a puzzle that has been going on for centuries. For centuries, poets have been singing songs that the woman is mysterious; even if you live with her your whole life, her mystery remains intact."

"There is no mystery. That's why you cannot find it – because it does not exist! It is simply your polar opposite. Man and woman are polar opposites, that's why they attract each other. And only through polar opposition is creation possible. Only through polar opposition does life happen."

"Homosexuality has ended in AIDS. It could have been predicted very easily, because similar energies meeting cannot create life, they can only create death. That's what AIDS is."

"It has not happened to lesbians, for the simple reason that there is no transfer between negative polarities. Both are negative, both are receptive; neither of them is a donor. So lesbians are the safest in the world now. And if women are intelligent they will turn more and more to lesbianism. The man is gone, he is finished."

"AIDS has come out of homosexuality. AIDS is nothing but death. So learn a simple principle: similar energies create death, opposite energies have the tension to create life. That's why I say homosexuality is unnatural – unless you want to commit a slow suicide, then it is perfectly good."

"Lesbians will not create death because no transfer of energy happens between them. But they will not have the joy, the orgasmic experience which is possible only with the opposite pole."

"From the very childhood every child has to be made aware of all possibilities of love, sex, and all deviations, perversions. Then there will be no sexual abuse of children."

"And if everybody is aware of the reality, I don't think there is going to be any rape. There is no need, the man can simply ask the woman. It is far more cultured and human. If the woman has the desire, no rape is happening. And if the woman hasn't, then it is just human to leave her. Let her find her man, you start finding your woman."

"There are so many women and so many men that it is a very rare possibility you will not get a woman. So why commit something like rape? You are not going to gain anything from it. In fact, you will feel guilty, you have done something inhuman. You have trespassed somebody's territory."

"I don't say that rape is good, I don't say that child abuse is good. How did you manage to translate my statement about awareness and start looking into everything, making a hard effort to see good in it? You seem to be a strange fellow."

"There must be roots somewhere in the culture, in the society, in the world, that poisonous flowers go on flowering. And somebody must be taking care of those plants, watering them."

"Your priests are doing it, your politicians are doing it, your psychoanalysts are doing it, your professors are doing it – because these people live on your misery. They live on your being somewhere wrong. If you are perfectly right, they are useless."

[Excerpts from: ' From Death to Deathlessness' # 32]

Note: Osho International Foundation has the copyrights of Osho's all above quotations.