Man has always lived in unconsciousness, but the darkness was never as much as it is today. There have been nights, but always the dawn has come. This time it seems to be doubtful whether the dawn will come or not."

"I am not a pessimist, but I am no longer an optimist either. I used to be -- now, I am simply a realist. And the reality is: perhaps we are very close to the end of this beautiful planet, with all its beauty, all its life, and all its great achievements. There seems to be no ray of hope from anywhere. And perhaps when I am saying this, it is not me who is saying it; perhaps it is existence itself who has lost hope about humanity and its future."

"The only thing that I still go on dreaming for is my people. Perhaps the planet will not be saved, but those who have come to me, if they make a little effort to become conscious, to create a longing for enlightenment, at least they can be saved. But if you go on behaving like the masses of the world, you are also a lost case."

"Immense responsibility rests on you because nowhere else in the whole world are people trying, even in small groups, to achieve enlightenment, to be meditative, to be loving, to be rejoicing. We are a very small island in the ocean of the world, but it does not matter. If these few people can be saved, the whole heritage of humanity, the heritage of all the mystics, of all the awakened people, can be saved through you."

"If this planet dies, perhaps on another planet.... There are fifty thousand planets which can sustain life; perhaps civilization has to begin from ABC on some other planet. But who will be the pioneers? These dark masses, utterly unconscious, cannot be. Only a few chosen ones who have strived hard to make themselves deserving of light, of eternal life, of some experience of godliness -- perhaps they will be the ones who will be starting a new civilization somewhere in the universe, on some new planet."

"I have never said this before but, going around the world, I have felt such a wound in my heart that the people who need to be saved are the people who are creating every kind of barrier to being saved. Even to approach them has become impossible. And seeing the whole world, I started feeling that there is now only one possibility, and that is to create in the consciousness of those few who have come close to me, a Noah's Ark. It will not be a physical thing, but a Noah's Ark of consciousness which moves a small group of conscious people to another planet. That seems to be the only possibility to save the great heritage of humanity."

"You cannot depend any longer on the politicians and on the priests, and on the masses who seem to be willing, deeply desiring, to die. Death seems to be the greatest desire in the world today, and because I have been talking about life and love and laughter, I have been condemned from every corner."

"I can understand the reason: to spread the message of life, love and laughter amongst people who, deep down, are getting ready to commit a global suicide... this is very contradictory to them."

"Perhaps we will have to meet on some other planet -- this planet seems to be spent. And it is not new: planets are born, planets die; stars are born, stars die -- so it is not something strange. And the preparations are going so well that it seems almost an impossibility for life to survive here on this earth. The whole blame goes on those vested interests which have kept humanity unconscious, and don't want man to become intelligent and conscious, alert and aware. Anyway, it seems too late."
(The Hidden Splendor)


"As far as the world of man is concerned, I don't think there is much chance of converting the masses against their own past. They are creations of the past, and their past will come to its crescendo in the coming crisis. The masses will be drowned in that crisis. I feel sad about it, but the truth has to be said."

"Only a few people in the world will be able to survive after this global suicide, and those will be the people who are deeply rooted in consciousness: alert, aware, loving, and ready to disconnect themselves with the past completely and unconditionally, and ready to begin the New Man and the new humanity with the freshness of a child. I have been enjoying the fact that there are many people in the world who are capable of going deep into themselves. Their only hope is a self-realized being."

"It is too late to do anything to prevent the immense destruction that is going to happen. If we can protect only a few genuine human beings, that will be enough, more than enough. The past of humanity has been absolutely accidental; they have been doing things without knowing their consequences. Now we are suffering the consequences and there is no way to change those consequences."
(Hari Om Tat Sat # 5)

"There is every possibility that there will be no future as far as life is concerned. We are coming closer to a dead-end street. It is sad to recognize the fact, but it is good to recognize it, because then there is possibility of taking a different turn. As things are moving to-day, the logical conclusion is – global suicide."

"And the most alarming factor is that the intelligentsia of the world, the scientists of the world, the philosophers of the world, are ignoring all these facts."

"It should be a determination in every intelligent being that we are not going to allow any vested interest to destroy this planet. To save man is to save the greatest creation of the universe. It has taken four millions years for this earth to create man. It is so precious. And the future is much more valuable."

"If anything is to be done for the future, this is the time; otherwise the greatest evolution of consciousness in the universe will disappear. This will be not only a loss to the earth but to the whole universe."

"In these millions of years we have been able to create some possibility of consciousness, but we do not have time to wait for nature to go on developing in its slow way. Nature have eternity available to it; we do not. We have only (few) years in our hands ...."

"For example, (one) report of the United Nations from the World Commission on Environment and Development, "Our Common Future," has called for "sustainable development" to save the planet, and has defined this as "meeting the basic needs of the present without consuming the resources of the future." The report also recognizes that, if something has to be done, it should be done now; otherwise there is no future."

"The conclusion is true, but the report is cunning. It is cunning in the sense that it does not talk about who has created the present problems."

"If we are going to solve the problems of the future and dissolve them, then we have to look for their roots in the past. It is our whole past, in all its dimensions, that has given rise to this dangerous situation. But nobody talks about this, because no previous generation has ever bothered about the future. For thousands of years man has been living the way he has wanted to, and he has simply forced the next generation to live in this way. This is no longer possible."

"We have to take a quantum leap and teach the new generation not to live the way we have lived. Only then can the future be changed."
(The Greatest Challenge)


"The basic problems dealt with by the same report, "Our Common Future" – food security, human population and resources, species and eco-systems, industry, pollution and urban problems – re really only a small part of the overall problem. The report ignores the real problems. It says that nations must work together, but it does not look at the roots:"

"Who is dividing the earth?"

"It says that economics and ecology are connected, but what about the vested interests of the past, religion and politics, which are the cause of national divisions?"

"By saying that we have to work now to save the future, the report implies that the present situation is created by the past. But we are still clinging to the past in every way."

"If we are responsible for the future, then who is responsible for us?"

"We are created by the past, and we are living in misery."

"We have not created these problems; they have been created by the past humanity. If we really want to find the solutions for the future, we have to discover the roots of these problems in the past."

"By pruning the leaves of the trees nothing is changed – you will have to cut the roots. And the moment you start at the roots, you will be in difficulty, because politicians are in the roots, all nations are in the roots – and the very basic unit of the society is marriage, from which all our problems basically stem."

"If we can dissolve marriage, the society dissolves, and as by-product, nations, races, politicians and priests disappear; that is why they all insist on marriage – they know it is the root, and that it is needed to keep man miserable and enslaved."

"To have a different future from the one which will come on its own, we will have to disconnect ourselves from the past."

"It seems man exists for all these kind of things – democracy, socialism, fascism, communism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Mohammedanism. The reality should be that everything exists for man; and if it goes against man, it should not exist at all."

"The whole past of humanity is full of stupid ideologies for which people have been crusading, killing, murdering, and burning living people. In the last three thousand years we have fought five thousand wars, as if life is all about fighting and not at all bout being creative, not at all about enjoying the gifts of nature."

"We have to drop all this insanity."

"We cannot change anything in this world unless we cut these roots completely."

"The most important need of humanity today is to be made aware that its past has betrayed it; that there is not point in continuing the past – it will be suicidal – and that a new humanity is absolutely and urgently needed."
(The Greatest Challenge)


"The whole ecology around the earth has been destroyed. Life does not exist as separate islands; not a single man is an island. Everything is interwoven. You have heard these two words, 'dependence' and 'independence'. Both are unreal; the reality is interdependence. We are all so interdependent on each other – not only men on other men, not only nations on other nations, but trees and man, animals and trees, birds and the sun, the moon and the oceans... everything is interwoven. And the past humanity has never thought about it, that it is a cosmos. They went on thinking in terms of taking everything separately. It was impossible for people in the past to think that man and trees are connected, that they are interdependent."

"You cannot live without trees, and neither can trees live without you. But it is too late. Hundred year- old, two-hundred-year-old, even four-thousand-year-old trees have been destroyed and cut to create more newsprint for all kinds of stupid newspapers, without ever giving any consideration to what you are doing. You will not be able to replace them."

"Just in Nepal... unfortunately it is the poorest country in the world. It has nothing except the eternal Himalayas and the deep forest, ancient and old. It has been selling its forest to different countries – that is the only commodity it can sell. In the last thirty years, half of the trees of Nepal have disappeared, and for the coming thirty years, the Soviet Union has purchased the rights to the remaining forest. And they are cutting trees not in the old way, with an axe, but by very modern techniques so that in a day thousands of trees simply disappear. Miles of land are becoming desert."

"These trees were preventing the rivers of the Himalayas from coming down with too much force, because the rivers had to pass all these trees and every tree was lessening the force, slowing down the flow of water. By the time they reached Bangladesh, where they meet with the ocean, the quantity of water coming was exactly as much as the ocean could absorb. But now those trees have disappeared. Rivers are coming with such great force, and with such a quantity of water, that the ocean cannot absorb it so quickly. It returns it, and Bangladesh is suffering continually, every year, from great floods, strange floods – rivers flowing backwards because the ocean will not accept the water. They destroy all the crops of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is poor, and these floods are killing thousands of people, thousands of animals, destroying thousands of houses. And now Bangladesh cannot do anything. It is beyond its power to tell Nepal, "Please don't cut the trees."

In the first place, even if Nepal stops cutting the trees, the wrong has already been done. And in the second place, Nepal cannot stop cutting those trees; it has sold them even for the future thirty years. It has taken the money to survive."

"A similar kind of situation exists in many areas of the world."

"This earth has never been so sick; it has never been so much in danger of new diseases. Now the vested interests are not ready to listen, to stop these factories or find alternatives. And scientists are engaged only in creating more war material. No government is ready to give them support so they can create more ozone and fill up the gaps which, unconsciously, we ourselves have created."
(Hari Om Tat Sat # 5)

"The world's forests are disappearing at the rate of eighteen to twenty million hectares a year -- an area half the size of California, and California is one of the biggest states in America. Within the next twenty to thirty years, all the tropical forests will be gone; and the implications are tremendous because these forests are supplying you with oxygen and life. If these forests disappear at the rate they are disappearing, mankind will be at a loss to find enough oxygen -- from where?"

"And on the other hand, whatever carbon dioxide you exhale, these forests inhale. If these forests were not there... already there is a very thick layer of carbon dioxide continuously accumulating in the sky, just on the twenty-mile boundary where the atmosphere ends. And because of that carbon dioxide, the temperature of the atmosphere is rising. It is already four degrees higher than it has ever been."

"If all the forests disappear, the temperature will become so high that it will do two things: firstly, it will become impossible for life to survive; secondly, all the ice at the north and the south poles, on the Himalayas and the Alps and other mountains, will start melting because of the heat. And this will raise all the oceans by forty feet. It will flood all our cities, all our countries; it will drown almost the whole earth -- and this is not a flood that is going to recede."

"During the same period, the world population is expected to increase thirty to forty percent, from five billion to seven billion. This population growth alone will cause requirements for water to double in nearly half the world. Food is another thing... even water will become difficult, because the requirement will be double and we don't have that much water for drinking. In addition, the United Nations reports say that globally, twenty million hectares a year of farm and grazing land are being reduced to zero productivity. More than one thousand plant and animal species become extinct each year -- a rate that is expected to increase. One and a half to two million people in developing countries suffer acute pesticide poisoning annually, and pesticide-related deaths are estimated at ten thousand per year."
(The Hidden Splendor # 7)

"There are many gases which are being produced by our factories which have made us aware of a strange phenomenon. Those gases move upwards and make holes in a certain layer called ozone, a variety of oxygen, which covers the earth two hundred miles up, the whole area of air. Ozone is absolutely necessary for humanity, for animals, for trees, because not all sunrays are life-giving. There are a few sunrays which are life-destructive. Ozone turns those life-destructive rays back and allows only life-affirmative rays. Now great holes have been created by the gases that our factories and industries create, and from those holes, death rays from the sun are entering into our atmosphere."

"This earth has never been so sick; it has never been so much in danger of new diseases. Now the vested interests are not ready to listen, to stop these factories or find alternatives. And scientists are engaged only in creating more war material. No government is ready to give them support so they"

can create more ozone and fill up the gaps which, unconsciously, we ourselves have created."

"My emphasis is that our problems are international but our solutions are national. No nation is able to solve them."
(Hari Om Tat Sat # 5)

"The current war budget is around seven hundred billion dollars per year. Every year, fifteen million people die from malnutrition and disease, and every year seven hundred billion dollars are spent on warfare."

"Every minute, thirty children die for want of food and inexpensive vaccines and every minute one point three million dollars of public funds are spent on the world's military budget."

"It seems we are not interested in life anymore; we have decided to commit suicide. Man has never been in such a suicidal mood -- ever, in the whole of history."

"Two hundred and fifty million children have not received even a basic education. A single nuclear submarine equals the annual education budget for one hundred and sixty million school-age children in twenty-three developing countries. Just one submarine! And there are thousands of submarines moving around the ocean all over the world -- American and Russian both -- and each submarine has nuclear weapons six times more powerful than all the weapons that were used in the second world war. And they are so costly that we could have provided our children with education and food, nutrition. But our interests are not there."
(The Hidden Splendor # 7)

"Half a million scientists are engaged only in creating more war material. Millions of people around the earth have already have AIDS – which has no cure. Mohammendan countries are bound to have very large number of people suffering from AIDS, because homosexuality has been there for thousands of years."

"Everywhere sexual perversions have become so rampant that Sodom and Gomorrah look very outdated. Even according to very moderate estimates, by the end of this century (2000) there will be one hundred million people suffering from AIDS, which is such a vast number that there is no way the hospitals will be able to take care."

"These are multi-dimensional ways that death is approaching the earth."
(The Greatest Challenge)


"My emphasis is that our problems are international but our solutions are national. No nation is able to solve them. I take it as a great challenge and as a great opportunity: nations should be collapsed into one world government."

"It was tried by the League of Nations before the second world war, but it could not succeed. It simply remained a debating club. The second world war destroyed the very credibility of the League of Nations. But the necessity was still there; therefore they had to create the United Nations organization, the U.N. But the U.N. is as much a failure as the League of Nations was. Again, it is still a debating club because it has no power. It cannot implement anything, it is just a formal club."


"I would like a world government. All nations should surrender their armies, their arms to the world government. Certainly if there is a world government, neither armies are needed, nor arms. With whom are you going to have a war? To find the closest neighbor amongst the planets for some kind of war is almost impossible."

"Nations have become out of date, but they go on existing – and they are the greatest problem."

Looking at the world, just like a bird looks, a strange feeling arises: we have everything, just we need one humanity."

"Problems are worldwide."

"Solutions have also to be worldwide."

"And my understanding is absolutely clear, that there are things... somewhere they are not needed and somewhere the very life depends on them. A world government means looking at the whole situation of this globe and shifting things where they are needed. It is one humanity."

"In Ethiopia one thousand people per day were dying and in Europe they were drowning billions of dollars worth of food in the ocean, because they have better technology for production. Anybody looking from the outside will think that humanity is insane. Thousands of people are dying and mountains of butter and other foodstuff is being drowned in the ocean. One recent year when America drowned its foodstuff, just the expense of drowning it was two billion dollars. It was not the cost of the product, it was just the cost of carrying it to the ocean and drowning it."

"America itself has thirty million people who cannot afford enough food. It is not a question of giving to somebody else, it is a question of giving to its own people. But the problem becomes complicated, because if you start giving free food to thirty million people, then others will start asking, "Why should we pay for our food?" Then the prices of things will go down. With the prices going down, the farmers will not be interested anymore in producing – what is the point? Afraid of disturbing the economy, they let thirty million people die on the streets and go on drowning the superfluous foodstuff in the ocean."

"Not only that, exactly thirty million people are dying in American hospitals, nursing homes, from diseases caused by overeating. They cannot be allowed in the home, because in the home it is very difficult to protect the fridge from those people! They are dying because they eat too much, and on the street there are people dying because they have nothing to eat. An exact number: thirty million dying of overeating, and thirty million dying with not enough food. Sixty million people can be immediately saved with a small understanding."

"But a bird's eye view is needed to look at the world, all over, as one unit. Our problems have brought us to a situation where either we will have to commit suicide or we will have to transform man, his old traditions, his conditionings. Those conditionings and those educational systems, those religions that man has followed up to now, have contributed to this crisis. This global suicide is the ultimate outcome of all our cultures, all our philosophies, all our religions. They all have contributed to it – in strange ways, because nobody ever thought of the whole; everybody was looking at a small piece, not bothering about the whole."


"If nations disappear, the second great disease is religions, because they have been fighting, they have been killing, and for reasons in which nobody is really interested. I have never come across a man who is really interested in God. If you give him five rupees in one hand and God in another, he will take the five rupees and he will say, "God is eternal, we will see later on. For the moment five rupees will be helpful."

"Who is interested in God except the priests? – because that is their business, and they want their business to spread."

"First the nations should go, if the world is to survive; second, the religions should go. One humanity is enough – there is no need of India and England and Germany. And one religiousness is enough: meditation, truth, love, authenticity, sincerity, which do not need any name – Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan... just one religiousness, a quality, not something organized. The moment organization comes in there is going to be violence, because there will be other organizations in conflict. We need a world of individuals without any organizations. Yes, people who have similar feelings, similar joys, rejoicings, can have gatherings. But there should not be any organizations, hierarchies, bureaucracies."

"First nations, second religions, and third, a science completely devoted to better life, to more life, to better intelligence, to more creativity – not to create more war, not to be destructive. If these three things are possible, the whole humanity can be saved from being destroyed by its own leaders – religious, political, social."

"This crisis in a way is good because it is going to force people to choose. Do you want to die or do you want to live a new life? Die to the past, drop all that has been given as heritage from the past and start fresh, as if you have descended on this earth for the first time. And then start working with nature not as an enemy but as a friend, and ecology will soon be functioning again as an organic unity."

"The damage can be repaired; it is not difficult to make the earth more green. If many trees have been cut, many more trees can be planted. And with scientific help they can grow faster, they can have better foliage. Different kinds of barriers can be created in the rivers so that they don't flood poor countries like Bangladesh. The same water can create much more electricity and help thousands of villages to have light in the night, to have warmth in the cold winters."

"It is a simple thing. All problems are simple, but the basic foundation is the trouble. Those three things will try in every way not to disappear, even at the cost of the whole world disappearing. They will be ready for this disappearance, but they will not be ready to declare, "We surrender to a world organization all our arms, all our armies."

"The function of nations will remain only simple: railway lines, post offices, a small police force to take care of internal affairs. But there is no need of armies. Millions of people are involved in armies, which are useless. They can be put to creative arts, to farming, to gardening. And they are trained people, they can do jobs which no other people can do. An army can make a bridge so quickly – that is its training – it can create more houses for people."


"Science is capable now, if it is no longer engaged only in war and creating more war material, to create so much food that five times more people can live happily on this earth than exist today. Today there are only five billion people. Twenty-five billion people can live joyously without hunger, without suffering from diseases. But science should be released from the hands of nations, which are forcing their scientists to create more war material. Scientists are functioning almost like prisoners."

"I want it to be known to the whole world: if you are not ready to be one, be ready to disappear from this planet. But I hope there are intelligent people who would like to survive, who would like this beautiful planet to grow more beautiful, this humanity to grow more intelligent. I am afraid perhaps the whole of humanity is not even aware of the danger that is coming closer every moment."


"Miserable people are dangerous, for the simple reason that they don't care whether the earth survives or not. They are so miserable that deep down they may feel that it is better if everything is finished. Who cares, if you are living in misery? Only happy people, ecstatic people, dancing people would like this planet to survive forever. So my effort continues to be the same: An experiment to provoke God."

"The people who have gathered around me are learning how to be more happy, how to be more meditative, how to laugh more, live more, love more, and spread love, laughter around the world. This is the only protection against nuclear weapons. If the whole globe can learn to love and laugh and enjoy and dance, then Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev will look surprised... what has happened? The whole world seems to have gone mad!"

"People who are happy, contented, are not the people to be forced to kill other people who have not done any harm to them. It is not strange that all the armies, down the ages, have been kept sexually repressed, because sexually repressed people are bound to be destructive. Their very repression forces them to destroy something."


"We need, with these three fundamental changes, a great respect for creative people of any dimension. And we should learn how to transform our energies so that they are not repressed, so they are expressed in your love, in your laughter, in your joy. This earth is more than a paradise, you don't have to go anywhere. Paradise is not something that has to be achieved, it is something that has to be created. It depends on us."

"This crisis, Mutribo, gives a chance for courageous people to disconnect themselves from the past and start living in a new way – not modified, not continuous with the past, not better than the past, but absolutely new."

"Find ways to relate in a new way. Forget marriages, start thinking how to enquire into life. Forget all your beliefs, start to meditate in search of finding exactly who you are, because by finding yourself you will have found the very essence of existence. It is immortal and eternal, and those who have found it, their bliss and their benediction is inexpressible."

"We need more happy people around the earth to prevent the third world war. You will be amazed, surprised by my answer. You may not be able immediately to find what connection there can be between nuclear weapons and people's laughter – there is. These nuclear weapons and these destructive war machines cannot work by themselves. They are being worked by human beings, behind them are human hands."

"A hand that knows the beauty of a rose flower cannot drop a bomb on Hiroshima. A hand that knows the beauty of love is not the hand to keep a gun loaded with death. Just a little contemplation and you will understand what I am saying."

"I am saying, spread laughter, spread love, spread life-affirmative values, grow more flowers around the earth. Everything that is beautiful, appreciate it, and everything that is inhuman, condemn it."

"Take this whole earth away from the hands of the politicians and the priests and you will have saved the world, and you will have changed the world into a totally new phenomenon, with a new human consciousness. And it has to be done now, because the time is very short. There are experiments going on in the Soviet Union, and perhaps in America too, with death rays. Rather than dropping a bomb, it is far easier to spread death rays, which simply kill the living people, animals, birds, trees. Only dead things – houses, temples, churches – will remain. It will be really a nightmare. And those death rays are not visible. We know that death rays exist; they are just trying to find out how to spread them, to reach a certain destination and destroy all living beings that come across them."

"Man has to be freed from these monsters. Our work here, Mutribo, is to teach people consciousness, more awareness, more love, more understanding, more joy, and spread the dance and celebration around the earth. Reduced to a single statement, I can say: if we can make humanity happier, there is not going to be any third world war."
(Hari Om Tat Sat # 5)

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