[Excerpts from Osho' discourse dated 1st August, 1985]

Beloved Osho,
On the fortieth anniversary of the U.N., the one-cent American postal stamp has the message, "We the people of the United Nations determine to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war." Can the U.N. save humanity from war?

"The U.N. has proved in these forty years only one thing: that it is as impotent as its predecessor, the League of Nations."

"The members of the U.N. are the people who are going to create the third world war. The U.N. has no power to prevent it; it is only a debating club, and not of the best kind. It is not even democratic. The big powers like America and Soviet Union have the capacity to veto any resolution. Just one nation, America or Russia, can stop any resolution which is being passed by the whole world. Is this democratic? Every nation, small or big, poor or rich, must have equal rights! In forty years the U.N. has not been able even to do that."

"It is just keeping people consoled: "Don't be afraid, we are going to save you." In fact, from whom are they going to save us? They are the people we have to be saved from!"

"The U.N. has not been able to stop the increasing amount of nuclear weapons. That should be the first step if you do not want third world war. Why wait for the last moment? Why not start it now? And the basic step will be that no war preparations are made. When everybody is prepared to fight… in fact they will be forced to fight, just because each country has invested so much energy and power, and it has piled up nuclear weapons sky high: what are the nations going to do with those weapons? And they have poured such immense amounts of money into them. At what point will the U.N. stop them? And the Soviet Union can just veto it, America can veto it."

"But this is how politicians have been cheating humanity all along, throughout the whole history of man. They say one thing and they do just the opposite. It is very easy to publish a postal stamp that says, "We the people of the United Nations re determined to save humanity from the scourge of war." Who are these "we"? Have you asked the people of the world?"

"Nobody wants war around the world except these idiotic politicians, because without war they have no job. War keeps politicians powerful. People have to depend on politicians because the war is coming."

"Adolf Hitler wrote in his autography, My Struggle… he has a few very important points to make. The first thing he says is that never in history has a great leader been born unless there is war."

"That is true. If there had been no second world war you would have never heard of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Winston Churchill, and Roosevelt – they all became stars high in the sky. Of course, millions of people died to make them great leaders."

"The same has been the case all along, throughout history. The politician wants to be on the top, as high as possible. If there is peace, no fight, no war, no preparation for war, he is just ordinary – perhaps a little bit less intelligent than the average person. His intelligence is not better than the average person's; it can be worse."

"Before the Second World War, the same promise was given by the League of Nations: "We are going are going to save the world from war." But those were the same people who fought the Second World War. And I say to you, these same people who constitute the U.N. are going to create the third world war."

"These stamps are cheap. You can go on befooling the humanity, but for how long? It is time that the humanity understands the politician and his cunningness. Even in the U.N. you cannot be peaceful, discussing in a friendly way. I said it is only a debating club and not the best one, because nobody is listing to anybody else. It is a tower of Babel: everybody is speaking for his government, his nation, his politics, and is not ready to listen to anybody else."


"Do you know what Khrushchev did in the U.N.? He was the premier of the Soviet Union… and this kind of behavior and the people who behave in this way; can they prevent the Second World War? Then who is going to start it? Do you think I am going to start the third world war that the red people around the world are going to start the third world war?"

"Khrushchev was delivering his talk to the U.N., and he became so angry that he took his shoe off and started beating on the table with the shoe! A great history of forty years, and not an ordinary history. They could not prevent even Khrushchev beating their faces with his shoe, shouting and screaming at the whole U.N."

"It forty years they have not been able to do anything at all. This is a sheer wastage of time. The fortieth anniversary should be declared as the death of the U.N.! Finished! There is no point, they cannot agree. But the existence of U.N. gives consolation to people: "We don't need to be worried; the U.N. is taking care of us." And the U.N. consists of warring nations who have nuclear weapons. They have been talking about putting a stop to it, but it is just pure talk; nobody stops."

"I think it is time that the people of the world start understanding the politician and his hypocrisy, his double personality, because if the third war happens, then there will be no life on this beautiful planet. I don't believe at all in this declaration of the U.N., but I have another program for the people:

First, don't trust your politicians. Don't be consoled by their cunning strategies.
Second, remember that you are going to be destroyed with your children, with your wife, with your parents, with your trees, with your animals – everything that is alive on the earth."

"If the people of the whole earth simply refuse and say, "We are not going to fight, there is no point in it," if they refuse and say, "We don't want boundaries of nations. If there is going to be no war, why keep these boundaries? What purpose do these boundaries serve?"…. If the people of the world force their governments and say, "Disperse all your armies. Let those people be creative…."

"Millions people around the earth in army, are just doing nothing. In fact they are hankering for war. They are not meditators who can just sit silently, doing nothing, and the grass grows by itself. They are very ordinary people. To keep them holding their guns, watching their nuclear missiles…. How long can you keep them in this situation? Sooner or later, they will find it better now to start – "We are tired and bred…."

"If really they mean what they say, then take the preliminary steps. The first is to dissolve boundaries, dissolve passports and green cards. The world, the whole earth is ours. Wherever we want to be , it is nobody's business to prevent us. Let there be freedom of movement. Let all the races, all the nations get mixed. And once the boundaries are not there, they will get mixed, they will spread all over the world – all kinds of races – and it will be a great experiment in crossbreeding. We will have better generations to come."

"It is not enough to save the coming generations from the war, if they are simply carbon copies of you. What is the point? If they are carbon copies of you, they will do the same as you have been doing. A new man is needed; anew man who feels he whole earth is his mother – not small segments of it."

"But this is the situation of the world. The mother earth has been cut into thousands of pieces. People have to be awakened to the fact, to stop calling America your mother land, stop calling Germany your fatherland. You see the difference? The whole world calls its country the motherland, except Germany! Their land is the fatherland. It is not a coincidence; they are more male chauvinistic than anybody else. Stop all this nonsense – and people can do it."

"I am preparing you to spread the fire around the world that the whole earth belongs to us."

"And let the U.N. go on discussing. If they want to wrestle against each other in the U.N. building, they can have good boxing matches. It is better than throwing shoes t each other. And it will be really great entertainment, seeing your great politicians wrestling. But that will not be decisive as far as the earth is concerned."

"The people of the earth have to take the responsibility from the hands of the politicians. And this will be a first step: to erase all the boundaries. And see how many people they can put in jails; you cannot put a whole nation in jail."

"All the constitutions of democratic countries accept in their list of birth rights the right of movement. But where is it. You can move only within the country. They have given you a little rope to feel that you are free, but an authentic freedom of movement will mean that anybody can go anywhere on the earth. Wherever he feels to live, he can live; no hindrance should be here. Removal of the boundaries will bring one world and one world functional government."


"The U.N. has not power over anything. I know it…. In India in 1947 after independence, Pakistan invaded Kashmir, which was part of India, and took over a large chunk of land. India fought against Pakistan. It could have been the beginning of a third world war, because the land that Pakistan had taken was very significant; it joined Pakistan with China."

"Pakistan could have a road – now they do have a road – going over the Himalayas to Peking. And China is not on speaking terms with Russia anymore. China is going to be with America so that small piece of land if of immense significance."

"And what did the U.N. do? It did not force Pakistan, because America would not like that land to be lost, it is a key point in any war in Asia. So the U.N. did something futile. They said, "First stop the war, have a cease –fire line." On one side Indian armies have been standing for forty years, on the other side Pakistani armies have been standing for forty years. Between the two is the camp of U.N. observers to make sure that the cease-fire line is not crossed till the matter is settled."

"Who is going to settle it? And if you could not settle such a small matter in forty years, how many centuries will you take to settle the third world war?"

"They cannot settle the matter, because if they settle in favor of Pakistan, Russia will veto it; the settlement is finished. If they settle in favor of India, America will veto it, and the matter is finished. So it is in limbo perhaps forever, unless my people succeed in dissolving all the boundaries; then that cease-fire line will also dissolve."

"What has U.N. to its credit? Nothing at all. Without any credibility, to claim that they are going to stop the third world war is simply befooling the people. They cannot stop the war between India and Pakistan, between Pakistan and Bangladesh. They cannot stop the war between Israel and surrounding Mohammedan countries, because these two great powers are involved."

"Israel is supported by the Americans, because the American Political parties cannot survive without Jews' donations to their parties. If they want donations from Jews, they have to stand by Israel. And Russia is behind the Mohammedan countries, which are bigger, surrounding the small Israel from all sides. And since the birth of Israel, the child has been in bed, almost dead. But America is keeping it alive by artificial breathing. If American steps, Israel will be finished within a day."

"America cannot step out, Russia cannot step out. In fact it is a good opportunity; America has created it. They have a vast majority of Mohammendan countries of the whole Middle East sympathetic towards them, because in any case, these countries will need support. They are all oil countries, that is why America is hesitating, is now in a fix: if it does too much, goes little more towards support of Israel, then all the oil countries are in the hands of Soviet Russia. And oil is now far more precious than gold."

"The U.N. in forty years has not been able to do anything – and still these people have the nerve to say that they are going to save the world from a third world war. Even in small wars they have not been able…. What did the U.N. do in Vietnam? Poor people were being killed unnecessarily by Americans. It was none of America's business. Vietnam belongs to the people who live there, and if they want to be communists, who are you to prevent them? What right have you got? The same was the situation in Korea. The U.N. has failed utterly, and I am amazed that they are not even ashamed, and are declaring that they will save the coming generations from the third world war."

"Only one thing can thing save the world from coming war – which will be a total war, for the first time; all other wars were child's play. This is going to destroy the whole of life on the earth. Trees, birds, animals, man – anything living will simply b gone."

"I say there is one way only, and that is to spread to people more meditativeness, more love, more friendliness, more rejoicing. If we can make the earth sing songs and dance in joy, in gratitude because existence has given so much – otherwise, it would have been impossible even to purchase one sunrise."

"And a sunrise is big thing – the whole wealth of the earth would not be able to produce a single rose-flower. And all this is given to man without his asking. You don't deserve it , you are not worth of it! It is out of the compassion of existence, the overflowing joy of the existence, the continuous creativity of existence that you are so rich. Millions of stars in the night…."

"Make people aware of their gratitude towards life, and make people love, sing, and dance. If we can spread this at-ease around the world, the third world war will be prevented. We need not bother about it. Joyous people don't want war; it is only those who are already dead who would like everybody else to be dead. Hey are really suffering because they are dead. They cannot laugh, they cannot enjoy, they cannot love, and they cannot feel. They don't have any heart, and others have. It is making them so joyous! At least there will be no grounds for their joyousy – they will also be finished in it."

"So I don't say that there is any direct way to prevent the third world war. That is what the pacifists of the world say: "Protest. Have protest parches to Washington, to Moscow" – but nobody listens to those protest marches. And I have seen those pacifists shouting and screaming against the war – I could not see any difference between them and the people who are getting ready to fight. Their screaming was enough proof that they belong to the same category."

[Excerpts from a talk given on August 1, 1985 : 'From False to the Truth' # 34)]

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